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Central Supplier Database

Currently no single consolidated comprehensive supplier database exists for national, provincial or local government causing duplication and fragmentation of supplier information across spheres of government. In addition, information related to the compliance requirements are duplicated during procurement processes, processing of payments and audit procedures, which are all examples of financial management activities dependent on supplier information.

The establishment of a Central Supplier Database (CSD) will result in one single database to serve as the source of all supplier information for all spheres of government. The purpose of centralising government’s supplier database is to reduce duplication of effort and cost for both supplier and government while enabling electronic procurement processes.

expand Q: : After registering on the CSD should the supplier send invoices to National Treasury or to Organs of State? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Can a supplier use its own internet to register on the CSD or should the supplier make use of the organ of state’s internet? ‎(1)
expand Q: : How do I edit bank account details? ‎(1)
expand Q: : How will the interim period work? ‎(1)
expand Q: : I received an email stating the bank information I captured on the CSD was sent for bank account validation and could not be validated. The response received from the bank contains an error message. ‎(1)
expand Q: : If an organ of state is running a closed bid process, will they be able to request suppliers to register on the CSD prior to the evaluation of the bid? ‎(1)
expand Q: : If the bid/quote requires an SBD 4, 8 or 9, is it still the responsibility of the supplier to provide these documentation? ‎(1)
expand Q: : The active Directors/Members are not being populated on the CSD Directors/Members screen as they appear at CIPC, how can I rectify this? ‎(1)
expand Q: : What category of suppliers should register? ‎(1)
expand Q: : What happens on 1 September 2015? ‎(1)
expand Q: : What if I am already on an existing supplier database? ‎(1)
expand Q: : What if I don’t have internet access or I am computer illiterate?  ‎(1)
expand Q: : What is the Central Supplier Databases? ‎(1)
expand Q: : What will be required for suppliers to register? ‎(1)
expand Q: : When completing the SBD forms should suppliers continue to send their Tax Clearance and B-BEEE certificates to Organs of State? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Which supplier information will be auto verified with institutions? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Who can be contacted for further information on the CSD? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Why should a supplier register on the CSD? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will suppliers still be required to provide an original valid tax clearance certificate? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will suppliers still be required to provide company registration documentation? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will the CSD facilitate rotation? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will the supplier information on the CSD be secure, specifically the banking details? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will there be a restriction on the number of users per supplier? ‎(1)
expand Q: : Will there be verification done to identify if a supplier is a government employee? ‎(1)